Fire Code Regulation

Regulatory Highlights

Applies to:

  • Buildings or structures intended for human occupancy
  • Structures containing hazardous materials or having hazardous environments (such as above ground or underground storage tanks
  • containing fuel, elevators or paint spray booths)
  • Systems and equipment required for fire suppression (like fire hydrants, fire sprinklers, alarms)
  • Storage of hazardous materials

What you must do:

Obtain a permit for:

  • Occupancy or use of buildings, structures and equipment (as required by jurisdiction)
  • Storage of hazardous materials
  • Have building construction, remodel or use plans reviewed and approved by the local fire jurisdiction
  • Undergo inspections for fire code compliance and/or fire safety related to buildings, hazardous materials storage and/or fire suppression equipment
  • Provide a chemical inventory, site map and emergency response information to the County of Sacramento Environmental Management Department for any hazardous materials stored on site, for any reason, in reportable quantities (equal to or greater than 55 gallons, 500 pounds, 200 cubic feet)

Primary Regulatory Agencies:


Sacramento County has the following local Fire Districts: 

Courtland: (916) 775-1210
Delta (Rio Vista): (707) 374-2233
Elk Grove: (916) 685-9502
Folsom City: (916) 355-7250
Galt: (209) 745-1001
Herald: (209) 748-2322
Isleton: (916) 777-7776
Sacramento City: (916) 483-1300
Sacramento Metro: (916) 566-4000
Walnut Grove: (916) 776-1113
Wilton: (916) 687-6920


Office of the State Fire Marshall
1131 S Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
PO Box 944246
Sacramento, CA 94244-2460
(916) 445-8200