Solid and Organic Waste Recycling


​SWA Dissolution

​​Effective July 1, 2021, the SWA dissolved and the City of Sacramento assumed the duties of regulating commercial waste within city limits and the County of Sacramento assumed the duties within unincorporated county limits.

The SWA website will not be updated. Both the City of Sacramento and County of Sacramento will house all respective commercial waste hauling information on their own web pages: 

City of Sacramento

County of Sacramento​

​To determine which jurisdiction your business is located in,​ use the Assessor Parcel Viewer.

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery’s (Cal Recycle) role is to increase the diversion of organic materials away from landfills and toward the development of useful products such as compost, fertilizers, and biofuels. Organic waste makes up approximately a third of the material going into landfills, which creates Greenhouse gas emission when these material decompose.  Cal Recycle is responsible for regulating and overseeing local municipalities that manage solid and organic wastes. Cal Recycle also has industry specific food waste recycling tips for health care, hotels/restaurants, stadiums/events, households, and colleges/universities/schools. More information can be found at the Cal recycle web site

The Commercial Climate Calculator was developed as part of the Cost Study on Commercial Recycling. This calculator is designed for virtually any California business or multifamily complex to assess the financial, climate change, and waste reduction/environmental benefits of reducing and recycling their discarded materials. In doing so, businesses can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, keep reusable and recyclable material out of landfills, and save money by reducing trash disposal costs. This planning tool also provides users with the flexibility to customize disposal and recycling scenarios if they have more specific information available. Visit​.gov​​ to find out more.