BERC demystifies the industrial permitting process in a business supportive manner.

-Senior Vice President, Sacramento area business

Business Environmental Resource Center (BERC) is a free, non-regulatory business retention resource established by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors in 1993 in response to business request for assistance navigating environmental permitting and to provide various resources to the Sacramento business community. 

Business Compliance Toolbox

Whether you are existing or expanding,​ BERC can help navigate through new regulations that may have not applied to your industry previously. Our staff stays up-to-date on regulations that may affect your business.

Starting a business can be both exciting and overwhelming.

We hope this simple walkthrough helps you on your quest to opening your business and being successful.

BERC also hosts the Sacramento Area Sustainable Business Program which certifies and promotes businesses and other organizations in the Sacramento, Placer, Yolo, and El Dorado Counties that pledge to adopt environmentally friendly practices as well as conserve resources.